Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Your home is needing a total restoration ? 
Gidea Park Floor Sanding can help with this!
 We got the best machines,techniques and experts in this town and we have sanded so many floors with different levels of a bad condition that our name means excellent results. Maybe you think your wooden floors are worst than we could imagine,but you need to know that nothing is impossible to our company! Our experts are doing amazing job when it comes to give you the floors you are dreaming of!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

What is sanding

Sanding is a process with couple of a stages that experts separate as: preparation, sanding and coating. Every step is important by its own, because if one of them is not done properly with a professional materials and experts view - it can ruin your wooden floors, this is way smart people choose a firms to take care of it! Usually floors which are sanded by special companies look better , because experience is needed in this procedure.You can do sanding process on every ten years, but that also depend on how many layers your wood floor is made of .