Thursday, 4 October 2018


Hardwood flooring can bring warmth and charm to any home which is the most important reason why they have been used as popular floor coverings for centuries. White oak, maple, red oak and ash are some of the hottest hardwood flooring chosen for flooring. They often arrive in solid pieces of bare or pre-finished wood in a different selection of thickness and widths.

Hardwood flooring can be refinished and sanded back over generations and even centuries so as to make it look inviting and hence beautiful once more. The initial grade is timber without any defects. The second grade is for timber which comes with minor color differences and minimal defects. The next describes wood with color variations.

Hardwood floors is easy to care for and best choice to carpeting. The expense of hardwood floors is directly related to the hardwood species and grades of hardwood floors that you pick. Hardwood floors have durable qualities with the accession of elegance which make it perfect for each room. It's also important to ensure the timber is acclimated prior to installation.

In addition to being sensitive to humidity, humidity may also impacts hardwood floors. Due to this, it's not advised to install hardwood floors on a concrete slab or under ground level.

Friday, 28 September 2018


Nowadays, an increasing number of individuals have started to think about making their house renovation projects greener. By making more aspects of your house eco-friendly, you may lower your carbon footprint and maybe even save some cash too.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your ecological impact is using the floors you put in in your home. Bamboo wood flooring is one of the most eco-friendly selections available, as it is a sustainable and natural resource. What's more, bamboo is a plant rather than a shrub, and as such it grows much quicker.

For people who are skeptical about the potency of bamboo for a floor material; your fears are naturally. Bamboo is as strong as maple - one of the chief forms of hardwood flooring used nowadays - and can be extremely durable and hardwearing. It's also a beautiful golden colour, which has the power to make your home look equally inviting and warm.

The attractiveness of bamboo and other kinds of eco-friendly wood flooring usually means that you don't have to compromise on quality or aesthetics while searching to find the greenest flooring option possible.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Have you recently seen the wonderful works of a hardwood flooring specialist and been wondering how you may have the ability to achieve this type of look in your home? You then don't need to look any farther. With such a wonderful selection of various types of wood and unique varieties of hardwood floors, you'll soon having flooring your friends will be envious of.

Hardwood floors is a wonderful option to having carpets or laminate floors in your home. The timber used for hardwood floors comes from sustainable resources and the floors is solid wood so that you won't find any inexpensive fake wood with hardwood, which you often get with laminate flooring.

You'll realize your hardwood flooring stays at a comfortable temperature so that you can walk it with no socks or shoes on and your feet won't get chilly. You could even jazz up your new hardwood floors with a gorgeous rug to decorate your room and coordinate with your new flooring with your new d├ęcor. You will not regret having hardwood floors laid in your house once you find the finished result.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from the top to the bottom. The thickness varies from ¾” to 5/16”. Those wood floors can be installed both above and on grade, and they can be sanded and refinished during its service life.
Engineered wood floors from other side are also real wood floors made by using multiple wood or wood composite veneers. The veneers can be from the same or from different wood species. It have a great stability because the grain of each veneer runs in different direction. This mean that the wood will resist expanding and contracting during fluctuations in humidity and temperature which is really making it wide usable. This type of flooring can also be sanded and refinished and it can be installed above, on or below grade.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Gidea Park Floor Sanding

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